• Format

    Wav, aiff

  • Bit Depth

    24 Bit or higher

  • Sample Rate

    44.1 khz or higher


  • 1

    Remove all FX from your master fad

  • 2

    Instrumental: Print each individual instrumental track with FX, exactly they appear in the demo. This include all plugins, FX, volume, pan, and mute automation

  • 3

    Vocals: Print each individual vocal track without FX. Tuning is ok, but no reverb, delay, compression

  • 4

    Name each file accuately, and try to keep files in organized folders when possible (eg. drums, bass, instruments, SFX, vocals)

  • 5

    Include Include a wav or mp3 of your most recent demo.

When all the files are printed, if you add them back to a brand new session it should sound identical to your most recent demo, minus the vocal FX/reverbs.